BELS Fellows (2021-2022)

BELS Fellows (2021-2022)




Anaya-Ortiz, Bruno Rhetoric The Implicit Theory of the National in Mexican Indigenous Autonomy Law
Duan, Jiahui


Law, Culture, and Authoritarian Society: From the Lens of Sexual Harassment Issue in China

Durham, Xavier Sociology Discourse and Private Policing on University Campuses
Harney, Jessica Public Policy Reducing Social Isolation During Incarceration: A Phone Call Subsidy RCT for Incarcerated Individuals and Their Families
Hosam, Christian Political Science

Corrupting the Conscience: The Congressional Black Caucus and Constraining Black Politics

Hu, Cathy Sociology

The Struggle to Define Justice: Community Organizing in the Criminal Courts

Lambeth, George Law

Comparative Legal Institutionalism and the Development of Financial Systems in Latin America

Liévano, Maura Public Policy Developing Data-Adaptive Estimators of the Effect of Police on Crime
Osmani, Dhurata Sociology

The Tried Heart: Emotion and Social Control in Post-War Period

Provenzano, Peyton Jurisprudence and Social Policy

Abolitionist Praxis: Community-Based Alternatives to the Police for Mental Health Crisis

Reddy, Diana Jurisprudence and Social Policy

Work Law and Politics: The Fault Lines in the Patchwork Quilt