BELS Fellows (2013-2014)

BELS Fellows (2013-2014)




Ferguson, Jason Sociology

Regulating Sex: Mapping the Space of Laws in the Global Field of Power

Hill, Adam Jurisprudence and Social Policy The Microfoundations of Administrative Accountability: Information, Norms, and Enforcement
Hoopes, Mary Jurisprudence and Social Policy The Role of Organizations in the Emergence and Diffusion of Recent State Laws Regulating Immigration
Hubert, Ryan Political Science "Taking Law Seriously": Statistical Text Analysis as a Way to Understand Judicial Behavior 
Kluttz, Daniel Sociology Fracking and the Fields: A Comparative Analysis of Fields in Times of Major Social Disruption
Lindahl, Nicole Jurisprudence and Social Policy Emotion Work on San Quentin's Mainline
O'Donnell, Peggy History Where the Bodies are Buried: Forensic Experts and Human Rights Violations from the Katyn Forest to the Hague
Rezaee, Janna Political Science Presidential Review and Agency Rulemaking
Sanchez, Alisa Rhetoric The Preoccupation with Modernity in Columbia's Abortion Laws, 1936-2006
Wegmann, Jacob City and Regional Planning "We Just Went Ahead and Built It": Informality and the Housing Market in Southeast Los Angeles County