BELS Fellows (2016-2017)

BELS Fellows (2016-2017)




Charbonneau, Amanda Public Policy The Psychology and Law of Criminal Suspicion
Chen, Ben Jurisprudence and Social Policy Does CBA (Cost Benefit Analysis) Shape Preferences?
Eom, Sujin Architecture Chinatown Urbanism: Architecture, Migrancy, and Modernity in the Asia Pacific
Kim, Jieun Political Science Why Ambiguous Guidelines? Evidence from China's 12th Five-Year Plan
Kluegel, Alan Jurisprudence and Social Policy Networking among the Human Capitalists: Change and Contestation in the Attorney Networks of the Large Law Firm
Koehler, Johann Jurisprudence and Social Policy The Limits of the Medical Model in Research on Crime and Justice 
Mack, Renee Social Welfare The Hotel California: Understanding Therapeutic Capacity at the Last Intersection of the Criminal Justice and Mental Health Systems
Maich, Katherine Sociology Domesticating Democracy: Household Workers, Legislation, and Labor Rights at Home in New York and Lima
Parham, Lindsay Jurisprudence and Social Policy The Context of Choice: A Neo-institutional Vision of Prenatal Bioethics
Potts, Shaina Geography Sovereignty Refashioned: Law, Territory and Financial Space
Poulos, Jason Political Science

Amnesty and Loyalty in the Postbellum South

Santos, Maria-Fátima Sociology Brazilian Carceral Reform: Securing the Rule of Law in Latin America