BELS Fellows (2020-2021)

BELS Fellows (2020-2021)




Benn, Annie Political Science Investigating the Role of Partisanship in Regulatory Review
Darling-Hammond, Sean

Public Policy

Combining Legal & Quantitative Research Tools to Ascertain the Impact of Alternative School Discipline Practices

Fabros-Sybilla, Alinaya Sociology The Making of a Transnational Workforce, Philippines Present
Fang, Yan Jurisprudence and Social Policy Law Enforcement Access to Digital Data: Understanding the Everyday Processes
Gomez-Vidal, Cristina Social Welfare

The Legal Reproduction of Maternal and Infant Health Inequities in Unincorporated Communities

Klass, Anatol Elvis History

International Law and the Making of the Modern Chinese State

McLemore, Brie Jurisprudence and Social Policy

Controlling Soldiers and Mothers: Alternative Courts as Social Welfare Providers

Oxholm, Perfecta Public Policy How Police Officer Mindset Impacts Police-Community Contact and What Can Be Done to Improve It
Painter, Fantasia Ethnic Studies

Bordering the Nation: Land, Life, & Law in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands and on O'odham

Wyman-McCarthy, Timothy Rhetoric

Philanthropy, Social Movements, and the Future of Liberal Internationalism

Zubair, Ayyan Law

Quantifying Reasonable Doubt: Analyzing Harmless Error 50 Years After Chapman