George Lambeth

Job title: 
JSD Candidate

George Lambeth is a JSD candidate from the Law School. His work stands at the intersection of law, political economy, financial regulation, comparative law in developing countries, and institutional change. His dissertation deals with the relationship between the development of financial systems in Latin America and their institutional framework over the last hundred years. Traditionally, the comparative legal analysis of finance is frequently dissociated with its institutional origin. In contrast, the research shows that a meaningful comparative account of legal change needs to consider that the process of legal and economic development in capitalist systems is a highly iterative and historical interaction between political, economic, and historical factors. Those factors, such as the constitutional structure, the history of the legal system, the colonial origins, or the protection of property rights, are crucial to understanding how financial systems work today, especially in developing countries. Before starting at Berkeley, George worked as a legal and policy advisor for the Chilean Ministry of Finance, where he worked in the design of legal reforms. He also worked as an attorney for the National Antitrust Agency, conducting investigations related to cartels and other practices. He holds an LLM from UC Berkeley, an LLB, and a BA from Universidad de Chile.