Dvir Yogev


As a Ph.D. candidate in Jurisprudence and Social Policy at UC Berkeley, my academic research focuses on understanding the interplay between citizens' perceptions of justice in a democratic society and the responsiveness of our representative system. My research methodology leverages public opinion, administrative data, and election outcomes to elucidate the connections between voters' attitudes and accountability in the justice system. The significance of my research lies in its capacity to demonstrate the effect of local elections and voters' preferences on the conduct of law enforcement officers and prosecutors and shifts in local incarceration rates. Furthermore, my work provides comprehensive insights into voting behavior within the context of crime and justice politics. My academic journey began in law school, where I developed an interest in jurisprudence and socio-legal theory. I gained valuable practical experience in the Israeli National Public Defense before starting my doctoral studies at Berkeley. Here, my focus is concentrated on understanding the structural and psychological elements that underpin the politics of the criminal legal system.